MSCCP offer all kinds of loans. MSCCP loans will save you from loan sharks.

  • starts at Php 1,000.00 and maximum amount depend on member's capacity
  • can be for productive or providential purposes
  • low monthly interest based on diminishing balance (1.56% interest /month)
  • flexible terms, maturity ranging from 3 months - 4 years
  • quick processing
  • individual loans
  • with Credit Life Insurance to protect your heir/beneficiaries and there will no need for them to be burdened

    income generating loan / for business purpose

    Business Development Loan (BDL)

    This is a loan that caters to the need of businessmen as they expand their businesses.
    Ex. purchase of vehicle, commercial lot, equipment or machinery to be used for business development

    Business Capital Loan

    This is advisable for those people looking for capital as they start their businesses. Also, it is BCL that you should avail if you need financial assistance in terms of your business turn over money or operational money.
    Ex. business capitalization, additional capital and business turn over or operational money

    Fully Guaranteed Loan (FGL)

    This is also known as quick release or outright release loan. No much documents needed. Just make sure that you have any kind of savings which can be used as collateral for the loan. 80% of your total savings which will be used as collateral can be applied for a loan. Aside from that, FGL interest rate is lower than other loans.

    MOA Salary Loan (MSL)

    For employers having problems every time their employees need to have some cash advances and even borrow funds, here is the relief for you. Also, for employees who want to avail the competitive and affordable financial services and products of MSCCP, this loan type is the answer to your prayers. Compared to other loans, salary loan has lower interest rate, quicker processing time and lesser documentary requirements. MSCCP and the company will enter into a memorandum of agreement.

    non-income generating loan / for personal expenses

    Transportation Loan

    Have you ever dream of having your own vehicle? Try MSCCP transportation loan. If you want to purchase a vehicle or have a repair on your existing vehicles then this one is for you.

    Housing Loan

    This type of loan aids you to be free from the burdens of paying rent and leading you the way toward living in your own house. Also, this is beneficial for people needing monetary assistance for house repairs and renovation.

    Personal Loan

    MSCCP can provide whatever kind of loan you need and personal loan covers everything for you. You need money for special occasions? Emergencies? Student Loans? And others? Personal Loan can help on that.

    Fully Guaranteed Loan

    (same as above, the only difference is the loan's purpose)

    Salary Loan

    (same as above, the only difference is the loan's purpose)