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2012 General Assemblies presenting historical results for 2012
"Ipon mo, kinabukassan mo" was the theme of our general assemblies.

Within the month of March, it is not less than 1,762 attendees who participated to our General Assemblies together with 109 officials and guests.

Results and audited books were presented in full transparency to the members who were proud to hear that MSCCP has reached another historical higher point at the end of 2011, with 13,213 members (+28% in one year), 26, 000,000 Php resources (+51%) and 36,000 000 Php loans granted (+75%) while our portfolio at risks went down from 6.9% to 5.4% .

During the Federation general assembly, Atty Neil Santillan, executive director of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) highlighted that MSCCP Federation is the only network of savings cooperatives in the Philippines that has a Federation and praised that Savings being the primary drive of MSCCP will be the "BEDROCK" of success.

Eighty-three (83) elected officers have been elected or re elected in our 12 primary cooperatives and Federation, re affirming the strength of the good governance coming from fully volunteer elected officers.

MSCCP continues its development on its way to building a sustainable fully non profit (no dividends) banking network devoted only to the financial empowerment of its members. It is made possible only by following our slogan "Ipon mo, kinabukassan mo"